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Fic & Art Recs- HP but Not my Usual Pairings

I'm waaaaay behind on my rec list here, so I thought I'd try to catch up a little now. Here are some with pairings I don't usually go for but I think are just too brilliant NOT to love.

FIC- Secret Keeper (James/Snape, NC-17) by Tarie (ofscarletwoman)- An incredibly vivid PWP which manages to make sex between them incredibly hot and yet capture the characters perfectly and not lose the seething hatred. It's also a lovely story behind how the Marauder's Map wound up in Filch's posession. I don't know what posessed me to read a fic with this pairing but MAN am I glad I did!

FIC- Good Graces (Snape/Quirrell, NC-17) by violet_quill- Whoa. Whoever thought stuttering-sex could be hot? "Oh, y-y-yes. F-f-fuck me, Severus. I've been very n-n-n-naughty." I love the fierceness and HBP knowledge makes this feel even fuller and more interesting. I definitely adore evl!Snape in scenes like this and she's got his character down perfectly.

FIC- Morning Victuals (Draco/?, NC-17) by switchknife- Whoa. Just whoa. I've read a few other fics with people paired with this character and I'm still amazed at how raw/dark and delightfully filthy it can be. This is just a lovely example. I especially love Draco not knowing his name.

ART- Harry at Bat (Harry/Draco, NC-17) by red_rahl- A fantastic Harry picture which actually inspired me to read the associated story by pir8fancier even though it's a pairing I don't ship. So that definitely says how much I liked it. I love Harry's expression here and his hands... all the details are fantastic, right down to the reflection in his glasses and his rumpled shirt.

FIC- Padfoot's Spiked Collar (Remus/Harry, NC-17) by xylodemon- I don't usually seek out this pairing, but when it pops up on pervy_werewolf I don't always avoid it. And I'm glad I read this one. The Sirius/Remus-ness is perfect and made me fall in love at once- because who doesn't love a good collarfic? But the way Remus and Harry interact and treat each other... and nostalgic Remus... and the hot sex... I loved this.

FICS- In Servitude
and Just Desserts
and Dessert Wine (Severus/Peter) by Icarus (icarusancalion)
- Severus is written just magnificently here. The way James is mentioned, and what Snape thinks of himself... just fantastic. It's everything that isn't said that makes it so delicious and naughty. "Keep working, Potter," Severus' deep growl reminded him. Peter was sure he mispoke. He hurried to complete his task before -- "Slower…" Severus snarled. I love the dynamic and evil!Snape here. Definitely fun getting back to old times now with Snape after HBP.

FIC- Evolution (Remus/Fenrir Greyback, NC-17) by underlucius- An absolutely fantastic fic that needed to be written, it's Remus' arrival underground and Fenrir deciding whether Remus should be allowed to stay or not. Very powerful and dark and exactly what it should be.

FIC- Snarry (Snape/Harry, NC-17) by charlotteschaos- This is humor/crackfic at its best. I should've been putting a stopper in you instead of in death! ROTFLMAO! Snarry perfection, this. *wipes tears from eyes from laughing so hard* How can you not fall in love with capslocky!Harry and Sevvikins? *snort* Nothing like excellently-written badfic!

ART- Split Ends (Snape/Harry,) by undunoops- Ooohhh. I think it's the position that makes me love this so much. But oohhh. Beautiful picture, to be sure.

FIC- Sexual Healing (Snape/Harry, NC-17) by Diana- I really never read Snarry but this... It's written by an author I really respect so I thought I'd give it a shot one day and I found myself actually enjoying it. I don't really like the "Harry is more experienced" cliche in Snarry but it's pulled off (no pun intended) so well here! I love Snape's backstory here, the mentions of past partners (in ships I DO sail somewhat), the fact that he and Harry are actually in character, and the overwhelming amount of h/c and angst is deliciously irresistable.

FIC- Hidden Memories (Remus/Snape) by Diana- I've read a little Snupin but HBP has really put me off that. But I'm a sucker for amnesiac stories and much angst, so I gave this a shot as well. I really enjoyed it. Their interactions feel honest and I especially love how Remus treats Severus (as I've got a weakness for care-giver!Remus already). He saw some of the tension ease out of Snape's body at that, and suddenly realized how frightening it must be to wake up in a world full of strangers, not knowing who to trust or what to believe. For someone as innately paranoid as Snape, it must have been hell.

ART- Candlelight (Remus/Snape, R) by ildi_bp- I love the positioning and Remus' expression and ooohh all the little details! I could stare at this picture for an hour and still be smiling :-) Look at the towel under Remus' head and the feet of the tub and the candles and the crest on the pitcher and the overflow and the brush and those few little stray strands of hair each of them have and the slippers and GAH I just love this.

FIC- Bend (Remus/Snape, NC-17) by cruisedirector- Gahhhhhh. I definitely love dom!Remus. This is written powerfully and is so incredibly hot (the teasing!) that I adore it even if I'm not at all into the pairing. Such a good job...

FIC- A Pain Called Dog (Remus Stubby Boardman, NC-17) by xochiquetzl- This one makes my list because it's such a random pairing that makes COMPLETE sense. It's so obvious and, yet, so great. Plus hurt/angsting!Remus is definitely a plus. I love "depressed Remus picks up a guy at a bar" stories and this one was especially good because of the pairing.

FIC- Taking His Mind Off It (Harry/Charlie, NC-17) by Flora (florahart)- I love a good voyeur!Remus story, and this was magnificent. Short but HOT. What a surprisingly wonderful pairing and fic!

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