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Rectacular, Rectacular!

Various fic, art, icon, and vid recommendations

19 April
This is a rec journal for the various fandoms (HP, SW, LotR, QAF, etc.) and medias (fanfic, fanart, fanvids, etc.) I follow. Just things that really drew my attention or things I loved and want to share. I update in clumps whenever I find something I like.

My current likings: This journal is slash/yaoi-heavy and packed with my favorite pairings. Recs contains lots of fluff and good-looking boys, hurt/comfort and darkness, or just porn (and probably all three in some instances). I tend to prefer one-shots or finished, long fics. And anything ranging from sweet to perverted is fair game :-)

If I've recommended something of yours that you would like removed, I'll do so immediately. Just drop me a line. If you want to suggest something for me, feel free to comment or drop me a line as well.

Friending: I friend journals here I like to watch for fannish purposes, so they don't get as lost in my friends list on my other journals.

I go by a few different names online, but my main LJ is katekintail.